Ship Window Blinds: Need of the Hour

Got tired of searching a promising solar protection system to curtail the hazardous effects of intense sun’s heat, annoying glare and UVA & UVB rays? If yes, then look no further than At NAVIGlare, we are engaged in offering an elite range of LLumar ship window blinds that are exclusively engineered to stand tall on the needs of maritime industry. Our offered LLumar ship window blinds are made up of transparent polymer films with outstanding anti-glare property. LLumar window shades & blinds are widely acclaimed for blocking harmful UVA & UVB rays up to 99% thereby provide complete protection from rashes, sunburn, premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and even skin cancer. Not only this, window shades & blinds improve occupant comfort by blocking unwanted glare and maintain a balanced performance of solar heat rejection and natural light transmission. 

Enhance Visibility: LLumar window shades and blinds offer 100% one-way vision clarity without making any distortion in signal markers thereby reduces the risk of accident or collision in busy lanes. Installation of window shades and blinds improve visibility in bright condition and alleviate eye fatigue & allergen exposure.

Spruce up Windows & Doors of Marine Craft: LLumar window shades and blinds comes in amazing colors, designs, sizes and textures that dramatically enhance the grace of your marine craft by giving a charismatic look.  

Some Other Benefits of LLumar Ship Window Blinds

01. Window Shades And Blinds 

02. Window Blinds And Shades

03. Solar Shade

Extend The Life Of Craft Interiors: Intense sun glare can cause cracking, fading or discoloration of craft’s interiors. But, installation of LLumar window blinds and shades can prolong the life of luxe craft interiors.    


Maintain Privacy Level: Window blinds allow you to enjoy utmost privacy from prying eyes without obscuring your outside view.  


Easy To Clean: Unlike traditional window blinds and shades, LLumar window blinds can be easily cleaned by using simple cleansing methods.  


Energy Saving: By keeping the ambience cool & comfortable, window shades reduce the load of HVAC appliances thereby helps in energy saving. 


Apart from ship window blinds, we at Naviglare carry a wide range of window shades for commercial places such as trains, airport’s control towers, vessel’s bridge windows, hospitals, nursing homes, universities and restaurants. If you wish to grab more information about window blinds and shades, then we welcome you to visit our website: In case of any question or query, please give us a call @: +65 62888323.  We are available 24*7 to assist you. 

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